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New topic in 4 Special People. As I have seen that most of my readers are women, boys don’t worry I will soon post something really interesting for you, I decided to present you at the end of every month something that caught my attention connected with FASHION.

Heels are not just items.. Heels are passion, love and desire of every single woman on earth. They can make us feel like queens but it’s true that it needs practice to look good in them and not..funny.
For my first fashion article I decided to present you a Greek fashion designer very popular in Europe. I love his shoes, I love the colors, the shapes and the fact that each pair of shoes can make you imagine a whole story. 

Dukas Chatzidukas was born in Thessaloniki and he studied in the American College of Greece Deree History of Art. He loved fashion and in 2003 he created his first collection with shoes and accessories pret-a-porter with Haute Couture elements. They were characterized as luxury items and had a lot of success in Greece and Europe.
That year, Dukas received an invitation from Camera Nazionale Della Moda Italiana and he participated to Alta Moda in Italy where he was loved by the Greek and the European news.

He continued presenting his collections in Milan and he started extracting his brand “Dukas” in Europe, America and Asia. He cooperates with Swarovski Hellas and since 2005 he designs the pink bracelet of Estee Lauder Hellas that supports women with breast cancer.

In March of 2008 he participated for first time in Paris Fashion Week and in September 2008 Jennifer Lopez while leaving Greece decides to hold the Greek designer’s bag.

It was really hard to choose my 10 favorite pairs of Dukas Shoes but I think I have made my decisions.

1. Rock style is my favorite. These shoes can make your style look elegant-rock and special! 

2. What I love in these shoes is the simple color combined with the special shape. I could easily wear them in My graduation or in a wedding ceremony. Pay attention to the heels. They present two women legs, really smart, don't you think?

3. Next shoes can also be chosen for an important night or event.

4.  These shoes refer to something romantic. I would love to wear them with a pink of green dress.
5. Amazing combination of pink and black! I love it!
6. I like this color for summer. Tunned skin can make this shoes look great!

7.  Black - all time classic. The heels make those shoes classic but different from all the others.

8.  It must be quite comfortable, that's why I like it!

9.  Summer is close so these are my suggestions..

10.  Last but not least..  Summer color and ideal for Greek islands. Comfort is as important as beauty..

This was a small taste of Dukas shoes. Check the site of Dukas to find more great items!
Next month I will have a new special F A S H I O N  article for you.

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Rubinha είπε...

OMG Eli, you know that I LOVE high heels! I think you can tell haha I really like the first ones, they are sooo cute!! xoxo, Iria.

Eli είπε...

They are great Siiiis!!!!!! I love them too.. and its a reason I put them first!!! Wiiiii :)

Muhammad Zahid Iqbal είπε...

Sí tienes razón estoy de acuerdo con su título del es realmente excelente pic... en este momento se explica mucho...Me gusta..Gracias por compartir...

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Eli είπε...

Thanks for your comment Zahid!