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Kate Middleton is loved by million women because of her chic style. When she wears something it takes only a few hours to make it sold out and there are women who follow her style step by step. Today I am going to make more clear which colors she prefers, which hair styles she chooses and I am going to show you some outfits that I love on her. Those of you who love her style don’t need to spend thousands of euros to buy her clothes (even if you wanted there are no money to waste in crisis) but you can find similar clothes and follow the style of Duchess of Cambridge! So, let's start! 

Which colors does she prefer for her personal style? She usually prefers dark colors, such as navy blue, deep blue, teal, green of cypress and emerald, dark red. She also prefers red, white and ice white, which I think fits her perfectly! 

What kind of clothes does she prefer? She usually wears suits either skirt with coat or a pair of trousers with coat. In special occasions she wears long dresses or cocktail dresses to the knee. Sometimes she chooses to wear overalls which fit perfectly her nice body. Her waist is thin and for this reason she prefers clothes which highlight it. She likes all the necklines but especially the V neckline!  

Hair and accessories! Her hair is long, brown and very healthy! Usually she prefers chic hairstyles such us curls or chignon. Her hair is sometimes decorated by beautiful British hats! Her accessories are not extravagant. She always wears a diamond ring, present for her engagement to William. This ring is the same with the one that Princes Diana was wearing. 

Wedding dress by Sarah Burton designed for Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, at her wedding to Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, on 29 April 2011.

 Red dress designed by Alexander McQueen

Pale lilac gown by Alexander McQueen

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Iria Pita είπε...

The lilac dress is my favorite of all times!! :)

Christy Sidorova είπε...

im just in love with her hats :)

do you wanna follow each other?)

xoxo Christy

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