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I’ve been really late to our monthly meeting about fashion but now I’m here to restore my reputation. I don’t know what the weather is like in your countries but here in Thessaloniki, Greece the weather is one step before madness. It rains almost every day and it is much colder as it usually is at the end of every May. Of course, we have some sunny and hot days so some brave people attempt their first jumps into the sea. For this reason I have selected my favorite swimwear for 2012.  

I usually buy a swimsuit every two years but the last 3 years I have loved the mix and match swimsuits. They give me the opportunity to do many combinations and I can buy some new pieces without spending more than 15 euros every year. For me it is important to feel comfortable and of course sexy in my swimsuit. Here is my top 3 for this summer.
(I wish I had the models' bodies but anyway let's look at the swimsuits just to avoid depression :D)