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New Year’s Eve is the end of circle and the beginning of a new one. A important and happy day! For this reason I asked from my fried Cristina to suggest us some combinations for that important night! I am pretty sure that you will find what suits you and you will be the nicest protagonist the night of New Year’s Eve.

Christina I know you many years and I can surely say that you know many things about fashion. Did you always know so many things about fashion or is it something that you improved as the years passed?
Hi Eli! Firstly, I am very happy for this interview and of course that you chose me to talk about this topic. I think that every person should create his own style and wear what makes him feel nice. Fashion gives us many options and there are many solutions for every type of body. Until a few years ago, at the age of 15 I was very unfashionable and I didn’t care very much about my clothes. While growing up I started realizing what suits me and I learned how to combine the clothes in a good way. As the years pass we all put some personal things in our style and we make it unique.  Each one of us can follow some blogs and sites and be informed for the new trends, it’s really entertaining to do it.

What makes a person “in fashion” and what out of it?
As the years pass everyone makes experiments and finds out his own style and what makes him look better. Wearing the right clothes is a kind of art and shows our aesthetics and id, but of course not always. Usually we say that a person is in fashion when his aesthetics is similar to the fashion trends. Of course we can wear old clothes and make them look new and fashionable if we make the right combinations. It’s true that fashion makes a circle and our old clothes will be again in fashion when this trend returns. For this reason, don’t throw any of your clothes.  Fashion changes every year and gives us the chance to “play” with new details. Of course a good idea is to have some classical clothes that are always OK for many years and circumstances.

According you, which are the biggest criteria men and women should follow to choose the right clothes?
We should be confident no matter the defects we have because they make us unique. Our clothes should always highlight our good parts and hide our bad ones. There are clothes for everyone and they can make us seem with a nice body. For example, a woman with big hips could wear a skirt with Λ shape with high heels. A woman with a big belly can wear a loose t shirt or an ambir t shirt.

Which are the colors you suggest more for  Christmas, New Year’s Eve and other important nights?
It’s winter so the colors are in earth colors and cold.  This year metallic colors, as gold, silver and copper are very fashionable and special! The classic black is always in fashion and also the red one, the red of the wine.  I have also considered that the boudoir dresses are amazing especially in nude colors. Except from the colors sequins, velvet, fur and diaphanous clothes are very fashionable this year. Diaphanous clothes are very nice with short skirts and night t shirts.

Cristina, I can't wait to see your suggestions..
My suggestions for the New Year’s Eve are both for you who want to be simple but beautiful and also for you that want to be very glamorous.

Even if you want to be simple you should have in your mind that the New Year’s Eve has a mistery. For this reason I would suggest you to wear something simple but glamorous at the same time. You can wear something with metallic color, a skirt, a t shirt or a jacket and combine it with “calm”  clothes and simple lines.  You can also wear a classic black dress or another color you like. You can make this classic dress seem more glamorous with a belt or other accessories. A impressive pair of shoes is very good with this type of clothes and high heels are always recommended.

Μetallic T shirt with simple black clothes
For all of you that want to be very official and impressive you can wear everything but always  in moderation. You can choose to wear a boudoir dress in a nude color and without pantyhose. I also love and suggest you to wear a skirt with feather and sequins and combine it with a diaphanous shirt or t shirt. If you have a very glamorous outfit it is better to have a calmer pair of shoes.

Boudoir dress
Diaphanous shirt with metallic shorts
Envelope bag with sequins skirt

Tips for shopping!

Choose startling necklaces and bracelets. If you choose to wear a necklace, wear a top that leaves your chest uncovered. The same if you want to wear a bracelet, it is better to leave your hands uncovered. Like this the jewels will be better highlighted.

If you love high heels, you can choose something different than the peep toe shoes. Try cuspidal heels in metallic colors, they are very sexy and they make your legs seem longer.

I recommend you to buy something in metallic color. It is so modern and it will be your solution for many nights.

Skirts with sequins are really glamorous.

High heeled boots with cords. They are very sexy even with a simple pair of jeans and a t shirt.

Biker leather jacket. Wear it with your rock mood! This year rock style is very in.

Buy a big envelope bag. Use your big bags only if you need to go to university for example.

Fur is also my suggestion for this winter. It is warm and makes us seem more aristocratic. You can buy a fur vest and combine it with your leather jacket. Have in your mind that the shades should be similar. Also, you can buy a fur jacket, usually they are short and combine it with your skinny jeans.

Bracelet with nice details and Peep toe black sexy boots
Biker leather jacket

Cristina, I am sure that our friends will find what suits them and they will feel confident and nice in New Year's Eve! Thank you so much for your help!
"Girls, remember that the most important is to feel beautiful! So wear your best smile and choose what kind of clothes represent your personality!"

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