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Young people always find a way to make their life more interesting. Dragos will present us what makes his life more special the last months.

Dragos, tell us a few things about you.
I am from Romania, from a Small village called Tarcau but now I am living in the city where I study ,for my master degree in GIS, which is Suceava . About my interests…Well I had graduated for Bachelor degree in Geography so, of course I love going on trips on the mountains, make me fell free there.

What exactly is AIESEC and why did you decide to participate?  
AIESEC is the largest youth-run organization, and is present in 110 countries and territories. This organization gives young people the opportunity to participate in two kinds of international internships, also give the opportunity to experience the leadership because AIESEC is for young people and is run by young people.

How long do you participate to this and what exactly are you doing there?
I am member of AIESEC since 2 months ago, but I can already say that I learned a lot, I participated until now to 2 conferences about leadership and was great and really helpful for my future. I also applied for some international Internships and I am starting to receive some responses so as you can see things move very fast.
Here in AIESEC Suceava I am a team member in the International Internships department, and my job is to show our students the advantage of going in an internship abroad and also to find one which is suitable for them.

Tell us a few things about your trips. Are they trips for studying or also for having a good time? Where have you traveled until now? 
About my trips…well I was making more trips when I was student in Geography, also for studying, but most of my trips were for relaxing and to enjoy the mountains with my friends.
Until now, because I was an Erasmus student I manage to travel in few countries like Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, France, Netherlands, Germany and Turkey…but for sure I don’t want to stop only to these countries because this life is short and the world is big.

Do you organize activities apart from trips?
Now most of my activities are connected to AIESEC and we organize a lot of things, the last one was “Global Village”  which took place in a Shopping Center here in Suceava. We presented 14 countries with their traditional food, traditional dances, traditional costumes with the help of people from those countries and all this with a very low budget but with a lot of passion.

What do you like most as a part of AIESEC organization?
I like the most that in AIESEC that I can find people with a lot of energy, power for work  and people who take initiative in everything.

Would you suggest it to young people?
Of course, I will suggest it to young people, because AIESEC is for young people and this experience will change your life if you are really determinate and want to break your limits.
How can someone become a member? What about the bureaucracy?
There are some recruitment periods, and once applied for joining AIESEC, you must pass an interview.
Like in any organization there is some bureaucracy, but because we are young and ambitious people everything is easy.

Which are the plans for the future with AIESEC and your personal plans?
I want to find an Internship, because as you know I like to travel and I like new and challenging things….and I want to finish my Master degree.
And one other thing I want so much, is to meet my Erasmus friends…was a great year of my life with a lot of special people and with great experiences and feelings.

Dragos, thank you very much! Enjoy this experience and i hope you will soon meet your erasmus friends!