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Cristina is a spanish girl that choosed to spend her erasmus in Thessaloniki. What does she like the most in Thessaloniki and what is the biggest difference between Thessaloniki and her city? Find it out..

"My name is Cristina, easy name for everyone haha, though Greeks usually say Xristina.I am 20 years old. According to the rest of the Erasmus people I am very young to be abroad with this student programme, but it doesn’t matter, I think it would be the same good experience for everyone. I am from Santiago de Compostela in Spain. The city of the pilgrimage way!"

What do you study?
Audiovissual Communication, but here I must study English Literature and Journalism (I prefer Journalism without a doubt haha) because I don’t have subjects in English from my degree and my Erasmus coordinator doesn’t allow me to choose them in Greek.

How long are you in Thessaloniki?
Until June, but I’ll think about spending a little more time in July.

Why did you choose Thessaloniki for your Erasmus?
Really, I though a lot about what city to go for Erasmus. I was among France, Finland and Greece, but finally I decided to practice my English and the French later so between Finland and Greece I decided Thessaloniki, I have studied the story of the country and some ancient Greek and Athens seems too stressful and crowded to me.

Do you stay with other Erasmus students, in a flat or a dormitory?
Yes! I have came here with another Cristina from the same country and from the same university (like a 2x1 pack) and with a girl from Strasbourg in a flat.

What do you like most in Thessaloniki?
Nightlife, the sea and the sunset (I have never seen something sooo beautiful) and the cats and dogs!

What is the thing that you don’t like at all in Thessaloniki?
The buildings are not in a very good condition and some of them ban you to see little churches around them… The same happen with the streets, they are usually very dirty.

What is the biggest difference between Thessaloniki and your city?
Thessaloniki is ten times bigger than mi city so I found it a bit less secure, but for being so big I cannot complain. When I saw the city for the first time from the plane I got afraid of it, I though I was going to be too much for me, too big, but the second day it wasn’t difficult at all, Greek people and the rest of Erasmus are very helpful!

Erasmus is a very strong and crazy experience. Have you ever done something very crazy in your life?
I was tired of being always in the same city with the same things everyday and though I like it a lot I needed to change and be on my own.
Even before arriving to Greece adventures started and they continued in Thessaloniki but with more people this time. I don’t know if they are big crazy things, maybe some of them are, but little details make what Erasmus is. Now I have returned to Spain (but I’ll return in a few days, don’t panic! Haha) and I remember all these three months and it’s different from the things I was used to, that’s what make the Erasmus so special and the people that share this period of time with you, of course.

Which are your goals for the next years?
Keep on studying what I like and improving foreign languages, better if I can travel abroad again. I would like to practice my French too.

Do you have any rule that you always follow in your life?
Carpe diem! I realize that time passes by too quickly so I want to do what I want now!

Cristina, thank you, enjoy the rest of your erasmus!

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Dimitra Chr είπε...
Αυτό το σχόλιο αφαιρέθηκε από τον συντάκτη.
Dimitra Chr είπε...

I went in Santiago De Compostela last March! It's very nice!

Ελισσάβετ Τσ. είπε...

:) I have never been there but it looks really nice on the photos!

Muhammad Zahid Iqbal είπε...

Buen post man, simplemente mirando algunos blogs, parece una plataforma bastante agradable que utiliza. Regalos