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Hi guys, what's up? Have you already planned your summer holidays? Me not yet.. No mood and no money!! Anyway I'm here because every month I prepare for you a fashion article and today I really like the new topic :)

One thing I really hate in summer is sandals and flip flops! Not because I don’t like them, I do like them a lot but I always have big problems with my feet. They get hurt and I need to wear plasters to protect them. I consider myself as very unlucky because I love the shapes and the colors of the summer flip flops. I suppose you are luckier than me and don’t face such problems. Today I will present you the flip flops of Marietta Chrusala.

Marietta won the title "Miss Greece" in 2003 and after a few years of a great career she decided to start her own collection of flip flops and sandals. Some of them are really beautiful and today I will show you some of my favorite ones.

For more items visit Marietta’s website:
 Enjoy them and have a good evening!