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Ankle boots with U cut are fashionable, sexy and they make a woman look taller because of their special cut! The truth is that these ankle boots are a little expensive but, of course, if you search in shops or on Internet you can find some pairs in lower price. Usually this kind of boots are made of suede or leather, they are warm for winter and good for many occasions.  
Alexander McQueen Crystal-studded suede ankle boots 

+ Advantages of "U Cut Ankle Boots":  

You can use them in many styles and wear them all day long.
They are very feminine.
They don't “cut” your leg and for this reason you legs look longer and you look taller.

- Disadvantages of "U Cut Ankle Boots":

Most of them are expensive  

How to wear "U Cut Ankle Boots":

I prefer them with skirts or dresses because they make your legs look longer! Depending on the style of the ankle boots you wear choose a dress or a pair of winter shorts.

If you need U cut ankle boots for informal occasions then choose a pair in brown suede or purple leather and make nice combinations. For example an oversized pullover with a cross, a pair of winter shorts, or a skirt. It is a perfect look for the day!

If you want a pair of U cut ankle boots for formal occasions then I would recommend you a pair of black studded ankle boots or a pair of nude boots. 

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Iria Pita είπε...

They're made for bare legs, so they look perfect with skirts or dresses! I don¡t really like the U cut, but it's true that they make you look taller. Anyway, I love ankle boots! ^^