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A few year ago I starting learning Latin dances and I had the chance to meet many talented people. One of them was called Thanos Pisanidis, he was my teacher but mostly he was a friend for all of us. I’m really glad to publish this interview because nowadays Thanos is a popular dancer in Greece and he has recently participated to the show “Dancing with the starts”. What I' m really happy to realise is that he is the same simple, funny and friendly person I met a few years ago. So, I’m sure you’ll love his interview as he talks about his life, the show and his future plans! 

Thano, a few years ago when I was your student in the dance school Asters in Thessaloniki I couldn't imagine that in such a short time you would be famous in Greece. How has your life changed in a few years?
C'mon I'm not that famous...just trying to do the best Ι can do in my job  to be honest my life changed completely since Ι met two of the three most important people in my life (Ι'll tell you the third one later):  Iliana Iliadou and Kalli Siamidou. They inspired me to be what I am now (whatever this may be). After I stopped competing in latin I started ballet and contemporary, which pushed to apply for the State School of Dance in Greece and I was accepted. After that there was a period of hard work because I moved to Athens and had to live by myself (and you know what that means). After a year the teachers of the State School decided that they didn't want me anymore in the school and that made me very sad but as I say: "everything happens for a good reason". After that I became a CERTIFIED Zumba® instructor and came up to be good one...hahahaha I really love it cause it really makes me happy you should take a class but only with certified instructor...cause there are fake ones lately... 

Last year you participated in a very famous dancing Tv show. Can you describe us your experience in “Dancing with the stars 2”? How did it begin and how was it to participate in such a big show?
Dancing with the Stars 2 came accidentally. One day my best friend Vaggelis Holevas called me from Thessaloniki and told me that there was an audition running for new dancers and we had one or two days to prepare a solo for the audition. He flied immediately to Athens and we went together. It took me the whole night to prepare my solo and I slept for less than two hours before the audition. I forgot many things from the choreography (haha) but as I say to all my students (you've heard it too more than enough) "If you don't show it no one sees it!" 
Well, honestly I wasn't expecting to be accepted so it was a wonderful surprise when they called me! Much more when I heard that Vaggelis was accepted too!
It was an amazing experience! I felt so good with all the people there. Everyone was nice with me and I had real fun! You know people are even crazier behind cameras and I love that!   

Your partner was a very beautiful, young and famous Tv persona, Nadia Mpoule. Tell us a few things about your relation with her. Was she a good student?
Nadia is a great person and I'm telling you that for true! When they told me that I was dancing with her I didn't even know her...hahaha so I think it was my duty to find out who she is. I checked her CV and I was impressed! After that I started admiring her. I even went to see her where she was singing. There she got me...I became a fan! 
When it comes to dancing, she's got a very easy body and that helped her a lot. She's also a fast learner so it was easy for me to take her some steps further...that kept us for 11 lives and helped us come 4th! Besides that, she's so thin so I immediately started lifting her!!! You know lifts are my passion!!! 
Our relationship was really good! We almost never fought, she was very cooperative and we shared things which made us come a bit closer to each other...
We still keep in touch but not very often cause life in Athens is so stressful that you hardly have time even to tweet! hehe

You are a dancer with many prizes and you have participated to plays. At the end, what do you like doing most? Dancing or acting?
Well I'll answer you with some words that were said from the third most important person in my life, Nikos Ortetzatos, who is one of the best actors I've ever met (believe me I've met many),  an amazing teacher and of course a life-time friend!
"Stage is my dream and my dream was and still remains on stage" Whatever I do up there, it's the stage that makes me breathe and feel like myself! Either I play a role or I dance or I dance Zumba! The energy on stage is what makes me complete....
But if you want me to choose in this time of my life I'd choose dancing, cause I'm not that good in acting (yet). Besides, I use very much of acting in my choreography. 

Life has became very hard for Greek young people. What is the situation dance teachers face in Greece? Have you thought to move abroad?
Dance teachers have always been bad, so the situation didn't change that much! Of course things are really hard but we are the lucky ones. At least we love what we do so we still feel good. Moving abroad is always an option, especially when it comes to dancing, because the level in Greece is not that high to improve your skills. Of course I've thought of moving but never had the chance! I hope I will soon... 

And now, it’s time for the EXTREME QUESTION!
20 years hard working and you a famous dancer all over the world, or a naked photo shooting for a man magazine and you famous and rich the next day?
Which one would you choose?  Please be honest!
Well if you connect it with the previous answer anyone would definitely choose the naked photo shooting...hahaha but after rational thoughts and some maturity I think the first choice is the most preferable. Because it's better if you work hard to establish your fame with dignity and be awarded for that, rather than taking the easy way to profit and spoil yourself and your spirit with your arrogance. 

Thano, thank you very much for this interview. I know you are busy and it was an honor for me to speak with you about your life and your experience in the tv show. Good luck whatever you do!
My dear it was a pleasure for me to speak with you again! Be fine and hope to see you soon!