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After many days wondering about what to present you, I decided to talk about the style I love the most, after rock style of course. In combination with spring time I think it’s the perfect moment to make a nice flash back to the "Hippie style"!!

The story of Hippies is too big! Just in case you don’t know anything about them, the Hippie subculture developed as a youth movement that began in the United States during the early 1960s and spread around the world. Its origins can be traced back to classical culture and to European social movements in the early 20th century, Fabians and Bohemians.
From around 1967, its fundamental ethos - including harmony with nature, communal living, artistic experimentation particularly in music, and the widespread use of recreational drugs - spread around the world.
Hippies were young people lovers of nature and simplicity. They had a positive view of life and of course loved sex and marihuana.

Why I love their style so much is because it brings to my mind something innocent, something sweet, it brings to my mind peace!

A hippie is mostly recognized from his/her long hair decorated with accessories, colorful clothes and of course many rings, bracelets and necklaces. I have collected many pictures of hippie style and as you will see it is not that difficult to make a hippie look. Of course, if your personality is strict, pessimistic (I hope it is not) or you hate people sitting on the grass, smoking and dancing, don’t try it. It won’t be you!

Hair: You don't need too much time to have a hippie look. Just keep your hair free. Most hippies had long hair but you don't have to wait for years if you like the style. Furthermore, not all Hippie styles have to be the same so be a hippie with shorter hair as well! As you can see, accesories decorate their hair. You can buy some cheap items and change them often. What I suggest you is to create your own accessory for your hair. For example, I would like to have one of these hair accesories in silver, gold and green color in a braid shape.

About clothing your choices are many. As I've said before, not all Hippie looks have to follow the same rules. For this reason take some ideas from the pictures below and make your own outfit. 

This is my brand new Hippie skirt.. I can't wait to wear it but I am waiting for a very special trip I have organised with my friends :)

And now, accessories...Without them I'm sorry but you can't be a hippie. So much variety of accesories, it's up to you to choose the one you prefer the most! Here there are some of them.

If you like coloring your nails, don't be surprissed, not all the girls like doing it, you can choose all the colors. In my opinion they don't have to be always vivid colors but also pale. For those who like patterns on their nales I liked the one below with the flowers. 

Whatever you do just have in your mind that hippies were happy and positive people. They didn't need quantity to smile and this is my message for you! Try to smile, try to be positive, try to be a Hippie firstly in your heart!