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Hi girls!! Jewels are the last detail of our total look. Sometimes we can wear a pretty simple outfit and make it look expensive or very carefully chosen by wearing the right jewels. The last months I most of the times wear handmade jewels. They have a unique value and I can combine them with many clothes. Furthermore, I like feeling that what I war is made with love. Today I am going to present you some items of Stacy’s handmade jewels collection.

Black is one of my favorite colors. It is an easy color as you can wear it with everything and it makes my look more rock. Here you have some of Stacy’s black jewels that I love!

Pearls are all time classic and I like wearing them during the day with casual clothes but also in the night. They can make a simple dress look more elegant!

Here are some of my favorite necklaces. You can find the size, the color and the material you prefer! 

Of course, you can make smart combinations. Some of them are below.

Stacy was the first person to trust me and have an interview with me. I support her because as you can see all her jewels are amazing and each one of them is made with love! You can read her interview and of course it is worth to have a look also at the rest of her jewels. They are so many and I couldn’t show them all.