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Is creativity a talent? Is it something that can be taught? Maybe it is a combination of
many things. Stacy is one of the people that I call “creative”. Although only 21 years old,
a student in one of the biggest Greek universities, she started creating jewels and became
famous to people who love handmade jewels! Let’s ask her a few things!

Hello Stacy, first of all thank you for accepting my invitation, I know that you are busy. Would you like to tell us a few things about your life?
Hey Elli!!I’m so glad I got this interview for  your blog!  Well, I am typical young student in Greece  trying to live my age as happily as I can..

How long ago did you start creating jewels? Why have you started creating them? 
I’ve always been considering myself as a creative person, maybe with artistic tendencies. So,  a few months ago I decided to make my first  -not so amateur- steps..My friends helped me  realize that I should seriously deal with this..

Where are you inspired from? Do you have a type of a woman in your mind before you create a jewel?
I haven’t really thought of this. I think everything just comes out of my own fantasy..I like some colors, shapes and materials and I try to create a harmony among them. I always create jewels that I would wear.

What about your prices? Greece faces a big crisis, do people choose to buy your jewels?
I try to create jewels that anyone who likes them can make them theirs.  Women have serious financial problems but they should take care of their femininity.  So I give them this chance by keeping  prices low but offering aesthetic jewels. I’m so glad when being informed about their impressions after they receive my creations!

Do you have customers in Greece or also from other countries?
They are Greek women so far but it’s just the beginning!  Any girl in the world can shop. I am young and optimistic!

Stacy, would you describe your work as a special one? Why should someone buy a jewel from you?
I believe that when you really like your work, when you are passionate and dedicated to what you do, the result always reflects your love. I really spend a lot of time on my creations..I will let the pictures speak… you tell me why you’d like to have some of my jewels.

Well, I ve already bought dome of them because they are really lovely! Many artists feel bad when it’s time to give their creations to people. Do you feel sad when you have to sell a bracelet that you love?
That’s really true..It’s not that you just sell an item…you sell a piece of your fantasy.. I try to recreate for myself the ones I really love.

I would like to see some of your jewels and show them to our new friends! If you had to choose some pieces to show us, which ones would they be?  
These are some of my favorites...

How can someone contact you? Do you have any page or e-mail?
I have a facebook page  where you can find all of my jewels so far. Also in and of course i have an email, where anyone can contact me for further information.

Thank you very much for the interview, Stacy! You are the first special person for the blog! Good luck with your work and keep creating lovely jewels for women around the world!
Thank you Elli. It’s my honor ;)

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