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Asking people questions is a nice feeling especially when they trust you and give you their answers! 

A few days ago, while talking with my Belgian Erasmus friend Thibault, he asked me if I would like to participate to a Belgian program. His friend Linde, that works for this program,  sent me an e-mail and after talking I realized that it was really interesting to participate to the tv show! So, I accepted the invitation and I felt how it is to be the “interviewed” person!  

The program asks a question to people from many countries and they give their answers according to their personality, religion and habits!
I would really like to thank my friend Thibault, because I had the chance to do something new and of course Linde because she helped me very much!

It was really nice to watch the video with all the people talking! Our question was about the most important celebration in our countries! So, if you want, have a look at it!